One-on-One Photography Instruction

In Studio Instruction

Teaching Rate is $70 for two hours tax included. $30 for extra hour.

Please note, classes can be taken in any sequence, and are always tailored to your interests.

Learn your camera settings, buttons, menus, and camera safety.

  • Manual Exposure – learn and practice metering and setting aperture, shutter speed and ISO’s.
  • Focus – explore depth of field, focus points, and learn where to focus.
  • Lenses – learn about lenses, how to get maximum image quality and how to produce special lens effects.
  • Flashes – learn to improve your flash photography and about how other equipment can improve your results.
  • Putting It All Together – either through a short walk around the neighborhood or a still life in the studio we will practice the whole process: composition, metering, white balance, focus, and depth of field.
  • Composition – what to look for, and how to add impact to all your photos.
  • Product Photography – websites or catalogues, learn to use a light tent for great results.
  • Jewelry Photography – learn to take great promotional shots of jewelry.
  • Portraits – learn candid portraiture or more studio style lighting. Lighting equipment is available, however any of your own specific equipment can be brought in and used instead.
  • Macro Photography – take great close up pictures of anything from flowers, to coins, or even more abstract subjects. All equipment provided or bring your own.
  • More Flash Photography – handle multiple lights, white balance, wireless options, and control available light independent of the flashlight.
  • File Management – organize, sort and categorize files. Discussions also include external hard drives, card readers, memory cards archiving, and sharing photos.
  • Digital Topics – discuss black and white verses color, histograms, full frame, metering, dynamic range, RBG, RAW, JPEG, TIFF.
  • Interior Photography Part One – great for designers or real estate agents – learn to take beautiful wide-angle photos with great lighting.
  • Travel Specifics – learn how to keep your equipment safe, handling the weather, lenses and equipment choices, times of day.
  • Lightroom (Adobe Software) – see how Lightroom can easily allow you to sort, categorize, and share your images. Make those images come to life with all of Lightroom’s developing tools.
  • Photoshop – take photo editing to a whole other level with CS3 and CS4.
  • Equipment Consultation $&150; advice on your next lenses, full frame versus aps-c sensors, or even setting up a studio.
  • Fun Tricks – painting with light, multiple exposure, multiple flash, zoom while exposing, mixing colored lighting.

On Location Instruction

Teaching Rate is $100 for two hours, tax included. $40 for each extra hour. Rate may vary depending on location.

Please note, classes can be taken in any sequence, and are always tailored to your interests.

  • Landscape – Learn the locations, timing, lighting, and composition to take great scenic photographs around Toronto.
  • Macro – shoot with available or flash light on locations such as Allen Gardens or The Leslie Spit.
  • Architecture – Explore line, light, texture, and juxtaposition for amazing images of buildings.
  • Cityscape – Try one or several locations to show off Toronto at it’s best.
  • Night Photography – Master lighting at night and improving your understanding of exposure, movement, and color balance. Tripod supplied.
  • Wildlife – Practice using telephoto lenses to get up close and fill the frame with birds or other wildlife.
  • Sports – How to come back from any sporting event and get better photos. Indoor, fast action sports need lenses with large apertures for best results.
  • Walk Around – Learn ways to make the seemingly ordinary more interesting.
  • Location Portraits – Bring a loved-one or friend along and we will show them how great they can look. Through angles and lighting we can shape the face and flatter the skin.
  • Interior Photography Part 2 – We will practice, on location, what we learned in the studio class. Topics include white balancing daylight, interior light, and flash. We will also explore angles of view and other compositional aspects.

All equipment (other than the camera and lens) is supplied for any class. If you would prefer to use your own, please bring it along.