Equipment Consultation

Rate: $40 per visit (1 hour max) or as a regular part of any other class $70 for 2 hours.

Whether you are setting up a studio or just getting prepared for your next vacation – I have suggestions.

I have been selling photographic equipment for years and have helped many people to save money, improve quality, be better prepared and even set up full studios.

  • Rentals – Where and what to rent, who has the best prices, what’s involved.
  • Selling – How to sell you equipment fast, for the most.
  • Testing – Checking sharpness, backfocusing, sensor dust, etc.
  • Calibrating – Adjusting the camera’s LCD, diopter, or your computer monitor.
  • Fixing – Where to get equipment fixed faster and more reliably.
  • Storage and carrying – Learn about racks, cases, bags, mounts and other ways to make it easier to use your gear.
  • Cleaning – external cleaning and sensor cleaning available. Sensor cleaning is an extra $40